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The F-Series improves coverage without compromising range performance, optimizing coverage efficiency while lowering overall installation costs. Why thermal is the right choice to protect perimeters FLIR’s advanced thermal security cameras provide the most complete perimeter intrusion protection for locations large and small.No parts of this manual, in whole or in part, may be copied, photocopied D-645. 45° × 37°. 13 mm. D-334. 34° × 28°. 13 mm. D-625. 25° × 20°. 25 mm. D-324. 24° × 19° (-13 °F to 158 °F). -25 °C to 58 °C (-13 °F to 136 °F) black finish The Upload button is used to transfer a configuration file from a PC to the camera.FLIR T650sc Portable Thermal Imaging Camera The T650sc infrared camera offers thermal and visual imagery, excellent spot size resolution, and reliable temperature measurement accuracy—all at an affordable.

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  1. Image Transfer How can I connect my camera to transfer images? Modern USB cameras (e.g.: E-Series, T-Series, C-Series, and similar models) connect as a Mass Storage Device, similar to a USB flash drive, so no special drivers are needed.FLIR FC-Series ITS Thermal imaging cameras for traffic monitoring FLIR thermal imaging cameras are commonly integrated in traffic video detection and monitoring solutions.The MD-Series is an affordable, compact, fixed-mounted thermal night vision system that helps with steering around obstacles, collision avoidance, and finding people in the water at night.

  2. F-Series high-resolution thermal security cameras are fixed- site cameras that give you F-Series cameras define the new standard 45° × 37° (F-645;.No parts of this manual, in whole or in part, may be copied, photocopied, translated, or four spare F-Series back cover screws. • four spare PT-645. 45° × 37°. 13 mm. PT-334. 34° × 28°. 13 mm. PT-625. 25° × 20°. 25 mm. PT-324 The Upload button is used to transfer a configuration file from a PC to the camera.F-Series high-resolution thermal security cameras are fixed-site cameras that give you video and control over both IP and analog networks. F-Series cameras .

  3. Please refer to your FLIR regional sales office or authorized FLIR distributor/reseller for transfers outside of the US and for export compliance information concerning your application or geographic.FLIR Tools can be downloaded from the FLIR Support Center website. A user account is needed to download software and manuals. 4 FLIR Tools+ 7/21/2016.FLIR TG165 USER MANUAL. Document Identifier: 9.7 Temperature Units oC/oF Toggle button to move from field to field within the highlighted row; use .

FLIR Systems, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness. FLIR bring's innovative sens. FLIR Systems, Inc. designs.Except as described in this manual, do not open the FC-Series camera for any reason. Damage To enable the Supplemental Lens Heater, move the heater jumper to ON (jumper pins 1 and 2). FC-645 R = 45° × 37° (13 mm) areas are setup near the center of the video image to alarm near 90 °F (body temperature).This manual describes the installation of the F-Series cameras. If you need help F-645. 45° × 37°. 13 mm. F-334. 34° × 28°. 13 mm. F-625. 25° × 20°. 25 mm. F-324 over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) as that may allow the traffic.

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