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Gin Genie Race 4 size M GIN race 4 harness size M. I flew the last Gin race harnesses in size M Here’s my opinion about the the race 4. Construction: The Race 4 could be one of the most neat construction on a race harness. The finish of the small details exceeds GIN standard construction or even other well known leaders in harness.Gin Genie Race 4. The Genie Race 4 was the winning harness in the World Cup Superfinal 2017. It’s a harness for serious competition and XC pilots who seek the ultimate in performance.2. Introducing the Genie Lite The Genie Lite was developed by the R D team of Gin Gliders to meet the highest standards of the most demanding pilots - the Genie Lite is the harness used by GIN test pilots during the development of high performance paragliders.

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GIN test pilot and 2017 World Cup Champion Michael Sigel tells the story of the development of the Genie Race 4. Compared to the Genie Race 3, the 4 is slightly narrower in the body and thighs. This gives a closer, more comfortable fit and improved control. Manuals; Catalogue.Gin Genie Race 3 (PAST MODEL) £1,599.00. Product code: GIN-GENIERACE3. Write a review. A long period of testing by GIN Team pilots in competitions has resulted in the most convenient placement of options for instruments and for storage of other personal effects. Download harness manual EN DE FR. Download front rescue container manual.The Gin Genie Race 4 was a harness built from the ground up for these links to read the manufacturers own detailed product description. Gin Website. Manual.

for choosing Gin Gliders. We are confident you'll enjoy many rewarding experiences in the air with your GIN Genie Race. This manual contains important .Genie race 4, English · Deutsch, Français, 한국어. Speedride, English, Deutsch, Français, 한국어. Fuse passenger, English, Deutsch, Français, 한국어. Fuse pilot .The Large size of the Genie Race 4 had plenty of room to spare and being on the bottom end of the height range I opted to set up using the extra foot block in the pod. Setup was straightforward and the manual is clear. Gin GENIE RACE 4: Construction.

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The Genie Race 3 is the ultimate harness for competition and committed XC pilots who demand the Download front rescue container manual (EN) (PDF) .Sitting at the tailend of current models trying to have patience waiting for the xr7 and race 4. The little kid in me needs a new harness NOW but .The Genie Race 3 is compatible with GIN One G or Yeti rescue parachutes. Other manufacturers’ rescues may also be used but we cannot guarantee their efficacy—check your rescue manual for details.