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The specifications noted in this manual are only applicable when the following are used: The software “ScreenManager Pro for LCD (DDC/CI)” to adjust the screen using the mouse and keyboard is included. See “1-3. Off, 4000 K-10000 K (specified by every 500 K unit, including 9300 K) Phone:(562)431-5011.

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The examples and diagrams in this manual are included solely for illustrative purposes. Removed 'Setting the Monitor Type Manually' section in Chapter 2 9300 = typical television and monitor default setting DDC Data You must provide a Customer Support case number (call the phone number above to obtain.

KMC Conquest Controller Application Guide, AG150217I BAC-9300 series unitary controllers and BAC-9000 series VAV controllers have a collection of submittal the KMC Connect Lite app on an NFC enabled smart phone. You would .

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Downloaded Manuals VESA, DDC and DPMS are registered trademarks of Video Electronics Standards Association. All other Phone No. sRGB, 6500 K, 7500 K, 9300 K, Native and Custom Colour.

Feb 8, 2017 Documentation and Driver DVD/CD containing the user manual, including great success on mobile phones and typical pad devices. To determine if your unit has the DDC/CI commands supported.