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The TEN-SCTE platform has dominated the 4WD SCT class since its inception. The motor and center diff can be mounted at an angle or in line with the .Mar 8, 2011 But… if you are a noob, the instructions are practically non-existent, The Losi SCTE has more beef to it than even the Slash 4wd, and it makes both the Ofna and Jammin look extremely brittle. The a-arms are much beefier on the Losi, as it is with pretty much every part on the truck compared.Guide to buying short course rc trucks for bashing or racing. Kyosho DRT, Losi TEN-SCTE, OFNA NEXX 10SC, Jammin SCRT10 and Traxxas Slash.Overview; Specs; Parts; Manuals; Parts Explosions; Setups Retail Price: 9.99 *Available at participating retailers Find a Retailer. Or The TEN-SCTE 2.0 kit builds on the success of this racing juggernaut with innovative engineering and .FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF .00 OR MORE Weather banging the cushion or bottom feeding, drive circles around the competition with DE Racing .New Jammin Chassis for the Losi Ten SCTE 4X4 and the Losi Ten SCTE RTR 4X4 MSRP $ 79.95 Hard Anodizing will not wear like powder coating or standard anodizing. Stronger Click here to see the latest SCRT-10 Parts. Jammin Buy .

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