Once you close one of the orders the position number will be different for the rest of them. so the loop is trying ro close orders that wont be available at that .

Aug 11, 2014 Replace Code: OrderClose(OrderTicket(),OrderLots(),Bid,Slippage); is the error , return value of 'OrderDelete' should be checked.

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  • オーダー系の関数(OrderSend, OrderModify, OrderClose)の場合、errorの後にエラーコードが表示されます。 このエラーコードの説明は、\libraries\stdlib.mq4にあるErrorDescription関数の該当case文の行内にあります。.

  • Order delete error 4108 (with 2 open orders) Platform.

  • GetLastError() - the function that returns codes of error. Code constants of in the stdlib.mqh file. Error codes returned from a trade server or client terminal: .

  • Feb 11, 2015 It means that you try to close a long order on Ask instead of Bid, or a short order on Bid instead.

  • For this, you should use in the program code the OrderClose() function call with To solve the problem, there is no need to analyze closed and deleted orders. It is convenient to use the script closeby.mq4 in manual trading, especially.

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  1. You need a decrementing loop for your orderclose function. Also be sure to make a loop for each conditions, don't add too much conditions in your loop, otherwise it will try to close tickets that have already been closed.

  2. Closing Orders with the OrderClose() Function or a Custom Close Function. Once the open position symbol and order types are identified, and the MACD exit conditions are met, then the OrderClose() function can be deployed, the parameters of which are discussed in the table above.

  3. unknown ticket 2 for OrderClose function. OrderClose error 4108. I know 4108 is "ERR_INVALID_TICKET", so it seems to be something with the .

MQL4 -1- WELCOME -------------------- Welcome to the M. Besides it's easy to see what the wrong in your program is (in the Error Tab – see figure 2). ticket=OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,Lots,Ask,3,0,Ask+TakeProfit*Point, "My EA" #define ERR_INVALID_TICKET.

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