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EDI’s MMU2-16LE SmartMonitor® malfunction management unit manages malfunctions affecting traffic light control cabinets. It displays the cabinet’s status, monitors faulty signals, reports malfunctions and provides accurate diagnoses. Simply insert the memory card in another MMU2-16LE unit to transfer all settings to it. Furthermore.Manual zz. Categories. Baby children Computers electronics Entertainment hobby Fashion style Food, beverages tobacco Health beauty Home Industrial lab equipment Medical equipment Office Pet care Sports recreation Vehicles accessories.

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Additional information regarding submittal instructions is located within this document in the following The MMU-16LE can be configured to operate with Moving the Program Card to another MMU2-16LE automatically transfers all settings. LEDguard®: This EDI innovative signal threshold technique.Simply insert the memory card in another MMU2-16LE unit to transfer all status, controller unit output status, fault status, MMU programming as well as date and time. It also supports the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) .

  1. MMU-16E. NEMA TS-2. Malfunction Management Unit. Operations Manual the Red Fail No-Fault time (Section 7.4), the MMU-16E will not transfer the All field signal terminations are brought into the MMU-16LE SmartMonitorTM.MMU-16LE Series SmartMonitor® NEMA TS-2 Enhanced Malfunction Management Unit Operations Manual THIS MANUAL CONTAINS TECHNICAL INFORMATION FOR THE MMU-16LE and ® MMU16LEip SmartMonitor SERIES MALFUNCTION MANAGEMENT UNIT. the MMU-16LE SmartMonitor will not transfer the OUTPUT relay contacts to the Fault position. ® The MMU-16LE.

  2. nonvolatile memory on the EDI Program Card. • Replacing the card transfers the SmartMonitor configuration • With the MMU-16LE SmartMonitor › Transfer configuration database to / from disk file › Set-up Wizard.Signal Monitors. The MMU2-16LE SmartMonitor® series Malfunction Management Unit (MMU) exceeds all the requirements set forth in the NEMA Standard TS2-2003 (R2008.

  3. EDI MMU 16LE Series Manual: 6/22/2017: EDI MMU 16LEip Ethernet Manual: 6/22/2017: MMU Troubleshooting: 5/7/2015: Monitors: Other ‎(2) Caltrans CMU Troubleshooting Checklist: 8/24/2015: NEMA TS2 MMU Troubleshooting Checklist: 8/20/2015 Radar.THE MMU-16LE SERIES IS DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN THE USA BY transferred to the replacement unit when the EDI Program Card is inserted.

The MMU2-16LE SmartMonitor® series Malfunction Management Unit (MMU) exceeds all The MMU2-16LE series includes two large area Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) for a continuous Full Intersection display. or Traffic Management Center using field proven EDI ECcom software. Ethernet Port Operation Manual.NEMA LCD MALFUNCTION MANAGEMENT UNIT MMU-16LE with EIA-232 Port Program Card Memory: Enhanced settings of the MMU-16LE are stored in nonvolatile memory on the EDI Program Card. EDI MMU-16LE Series SmartMonitor NEMA TS-2 LCD Malfunction Management Unit Keywords.

MMU-16LE SmartMonitor Operations Manual Eberle Design Inc. Page 1 Section 1 General 1.1 DESCRIPTION The MMU-16LE SmartMonitor ® series Malfunction Management Unit (MMU) is a device used in a Traffic Controller Assembly to accomplish the detection of, and response.If your answer is YES, the MMU-16LE SmartMonitor is for you! on the EDI Program Card. Replacing the card transfers the total MMU- Manual data entry. • ECcomtm Program EDI signal monitor to retrieve and display valuable diagnostic .

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enhanced malfunction management unit operations manual this manual contains technical information for the mmu-16le and mmu16leip smartmonitortm series malfunction management unit. included are general description, operational description, installation, and specifications. the mmu-16le series malfunction management unit is designed.Oct 7, 2013 MMU-16LE. 01/07/2013. Eberle Design, Inc. (EDI). SmartMonitor; EIA-232 port, NEMA TS1 12 channel or NEMA TS-2 16 channel, Flashing.