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Thank you for buying the Pentax Optio 555 Digital Camera. Please read Use the Battery charger D-BC7 to charge the rechargeable Lithium- ion battery .This manual is common to Optio 430RS and Optio 330RS. In this manual the ing travelling). Pentax is not responsible for consequential damages (costs incurred D-LI2 rechargeable lithium ion battery as the charger may overheat.Above you can find the charger that will work with your Pentax D-BC92. The factories that we use to produce our Pentax D-BC92 chargers in Shenzhen were selected after extensive quality tests comparing many of the major factories across China.

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Aug 1, 2007 Images taken using the PENTAX Digital Camera that are for anything other Only use the battery charger D-BC63 supplied with the camera.Thank you for purchasing this PENTAX K-50 Digital Camera. Please read this manual before using the camera in order to get the most out of all the features and functions.Pentax Battery Charger D-bc92 Manual PENTAX Camera/Camcorder Battery Charger - Dell Laptop Battery HP Compaq Laptop Battery We list the PENTAX Camera/Camcorder batteries below.

The Pentax battery charger kit is for use with D-Li92 lithium-ion batteries for the X70 digital camera. Kit includes charge cradle for the battery and AC cord to connect it to a wall outlet. Because the charger is dual voltage, it may be used around the world with the proper plug adapter.Our D-BC92 charger is designed to power up Pentax D-LI92 battery and comes with both a wall charger and an auto cigarette lighter adapter (car charger).Our D-BC92 charger is designed to power up Pentax D-LI92 battery and comes with both a wall charger and an auto cigarette lighter adapter (car charger).

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• Do not use the supplied battery charger (D-BC92) to charge batteries other than the rechargeable lithium-ion battery D-LI92, as the battery charger may overheat or be damaged. • The battery has reached the end of its service life when it starts to run down soon after being charged.laptop batteries tips 1. Pls read the manufacturer's manual about the laptop battery carefully. 2. Do remember to charge your laptop battery fully after receiving it because batteries may discharge during storing and shipping.Antoble D-LI92 Battery Charger for Pentax WG-3, Pentax RZ10, Pentax Optio I10, Pentax WG3, Pentax WG-10, Pentax WG10, Pentax D-BC92 by ANTOBLE .99 $ 9 99 + .85 shipping.

I can't find any information on the battery charger in the K10d manual that addresses this issue. Well, as an update, the red LED finally stopped blinking and went off. I don't know if this means that the blinking is a phase as the battery tops off, or if the charger just gives up signaling that it is a bad battery.Thank you for buying the PENTAX Optio 750Z Digital Camera. Please read this 1 Connect the AC plug cord to the battery charger D-BC7. 2 Plug the AC plug .Showing results for "Pentax AC DC Battery Charger for Pentax D Li88 D L188 Sanyo DB L80 DLi88 DL188 DBL80 Optio P70 VPC CG10".