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Please read this guide thoroughly for setup instructions. For the full WiebeTech,® CRU, TM and Ditto® are trademarks of CRU Acquisition tions of the Ditto user manual. CRU warrants Ditto to be free of significant defects in material and .the Ditto user manual. Product Warranty. CRU warrants this product to be free of significant defects in material and workmanship for a period of three years from .Compact stand with integrated fan for cooling Ditto DX Forensic FieldStation while operating in extreme environments.You now have your choice of Ditto and the new Ditto DX Forensic FieldStations for Don't just take our word for it, see first-hand what Ditto is capable.Jul 22, 2016 As a result, examiners must dig deeper manually. However, broader awareness and skill sets are needed because no one tool supports CRU introduced the WiebeTech Ditto DX Forensic FieldStation, its fastest, most .The hand-held Ditto Forensic FieldStation travels with you or a technician for use in creating local, remote, or networked disk clones and images, including .CRU WiebeTech Ditto Forensic FieldStation streamlines digital investigation. including CRU-DataPort's new ToughTech® Duo high performance, hand held ToughTech storage enclosure now includes government-strength encryption .

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