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Synon was a software company which, at its height, dominated the worldwide market for third-party application development tools for the IBM System i (formerly AS/400) platform. The AS/400 version of Synon/2 was named Synon/2E. Thus programs could be automatically regenerated with no manual intervention .Command Reference Guide. Version 8.6.00. CA 2E RPGIV generation options: The options which are used to generate RPGIV (RPGLE) source in the model .Mar 30, 2011 Computer Associates is the latest supplier of the “Synon:2E” product (Currently called “CA:2E”). Here is their site link for further information.This guide describes how a 2E Synon model can be transformed into a modern application, and includes Free formatted coding, such as RPGLE/Free.CA 2E. Design, generate, implement and maintain applications with greater efficiency will guide you through the steps required to develop.May 12, 2009 AS/400 Synon Synon/2E At present I'm working in AS400 RPGLE. I ran away screaming from SYNON in 1995 and have never looked back… Tod Horse model is the one which is know as Beginner guide in Synon.Toolkit Reference Guide. Release 8.6.00. CA 2E YCHKLIBLST (And All CA 2E Library List Commands) *AS400: Convert for IBM i. MBRLST. Qualified .COOL:2E previously known as SYNON has been taken over by Computer Associates. Synon objects are not AS/400 objects e.g. Files, Fields, Relations.

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