ventilation procedures • Designed to help you manage lung ventilation issues during general anaesthesia. • Vital Capacity automates the manual bag ‘squeeze and hold’ manoeuvre. • Cycling provides a configurable toolkit of settings with automated delivery. Advanced Breathing System (ABS).GE Healthcare. User's Reference Manual. Software Revision 7.X. Aisys. Li-L-. JW59。 Reusable Multi Absorber, PSVPro, Smart Vent, Aladin, and. Alading are .

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11 Specifications and theory of operation Ventilator operating specifications Refer to instruction manual or booklet. (blue background). Aisys CS².contained in this User’s Reference manual and accompanying labels and/or inserts, when assembled, operated, maintained, and repaired in accordance with the instruction provided.

  1. Aisys CS2 features a movable 15-inch touch ventilator display screen for a unified Analysis of performance specifications comparing GE Aladin2 Cassettes.Aisys CS2 and Et Control are not available for sale in the United. States. Not cleared or Ventilator Operating Specifications (continued). Inspiratory/expiratory.

  2. A collection of service manuals, tutorials and descriptions of medical equipment. Home; Ventilators and humidifier see the Ventilators section. Anaesthesia machines of GE and Datex Ohmeda might be identical. Datex-Ohmeda Aisys Service manual 7.7 MB Download prohibited by GE. Support is not desired.The ventiPAC ventilator is intended only for use in transport and emergency situations where the patient is being constantly monitored by the carer. The integrated alarm unit is intended to alert the carer to changes in the patient’s ventilation but it cannot ensure that the patient’s blood gases are maintained at the required level.

  3. materials provided with the Aisys CS? for specifications, operating Bag/Vent Switch: The Bag/Vent switch selects between manual ventilation (bag).Ventilator Operating Specifications. Modes of ventilation (standard). Volume Control Mode with tidal volume compensation. Modes of ventilation (optional).

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Datex-ohmeda - Aisys - Service Manual 1 de 2 by nuno_bastos_15. 3-12 MV/TV Alarms Aisys Carestation Changing ventilator modes and settings.instructions in this User’s Reference manual. The ventilator is designed to be used with infant through adult patients with a body weight of 5 kg or greater. If the neonatal option is installed on the ventilator, patients weighing down to 0.5 kg may be ventilated with the EC. The EC is designed to maintain.