Just flew my Edge 540 with the VVRC 20CC. Had a hard time getting the engine to pull fuel into the carb at first, but once I got that solved and got the engine running, it's been a dream 2 flights and about 1/2 gallon through it. No problems. Great idle and a real "stump puller" on the high end. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat.

Valley View RC 20cc Gasoline Engine Review - Part One It is my pleasure to present an initial review of the Valley View RC 20cc gas engine from Tom Denney, Linda Denney, Tim Hanstine and the great folks at Valley View RC in Puyallup, Washington.

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RCGF 21CC-Twin Operator’s Manual (note: the spare parts list and dimension of engine are in the end of manual) RCGF 21cc twin Parameter: Type : 2 cycle piston valve type gasoline engine for airplane.

Electronic ignition is the no-hassle answer to simpler starts and higher performance. Loaded with "extras!" The DLE-20 package includes a muffler, spark plug, gasket, bolts, throttle arm extension manual.

VVRC 20cc Gas Engine,20cc gas engine, 20cc gas engines, gas engines. spark plug, long throttle arm (installed on carburetor), engine mount, and manual.

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Valley View RC 20cc Gasoline Engine Review, Part One When a vendor takes the best aspects of one engine and improves the not-so-good parts, the result is worth the proud display of their name on the engine itself.