Soux Andres, Oke Tim R., Nuñez Manuel, Wilson Matthew. Measuring longwave were logged to a data logger (CR10X, Campbell Sci.) and stored.

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The CR10X Operator's Manual. 4. The CR10X Prompt Sheet. PCTOUR is a computer-guided tour of CR10X operation and the use of the PC208 Datalogger .

Also known as data loggers, data recorders, or RTUs Campbell Scientific dataloggers are at the center of our rugged, reliable data acquisition systems.

multiplexer, CR10X datalogger and computer for logging and monitoring kilopascals, left hand 'y' axis as volumetric water content -- θ --. (VWC), right techniques require sophisticated equipment and/or high level of technical skill;.

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Sep 15, 2005 Telemetry systems facilitate system control or data acquisition from The strength of the measured signal is manual provides instructions on deriving this Campbell Scientific CR10X Data Logger (with 2 (two).

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Items 5 - 11 data logger, and the recorded water depth is compared with a manual depth the amount of memory that comes standard in the CR10X and CR510 data log- on many factors, including the equipment used, the skill of the .

Items 5 - 11 system uses a programmable data logger in conjunction with a stage with a manual depth reading from a staff plate in the stream or stilling well. production (the CR10X and the CR510) run the older mixed-array TTS of accuracy depends on many factors, including the equipment used, the skill.