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Testing standing function ReTurn is ideal for testing a patient’s standing function in cases where there is uncertainty as to whether the patient is able to rise from a seated to a standing position. Training standing function ReTurn can be used to train the patient’s standing, sitting and sit-to-stand func-.

The ReTurn 7500 has been developed to perform pivoting transfers, combined with the facility to transport service users shorter distances. It will turn in its own radius and as such facilitates work in narrow spaces. Design encourages a natural pattern of movement; Activates the user when moving from sit to stand.

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RoMedic - Return Patient Transfer System. The ReTurn isan assistive device for transferring patients, specially designed to make different sit-to-stand and transfer situations easier for both users and carers.

  1. ReTurn can be used to train the patient’s standing, sitting and sit-to-stand function. To measure improvement, use a stopwatch or clock with a second hand to time the patient.

  2. ReTurn7500 and ReTurn7400 are used indoors for shorter transfers between RoMedic's products together form the SystemRoMedic concept, which takes a Read instructions for all assistive devices used in connection with transfers.

  3. RoMedic ReTurn Standing Aid Lifting Transferring People / Transfer Aids A standing transfer aid that can be used to transfer users in a standing position, from one seat to another over short distances.

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4 MANUAL System RoMedic TM Farther back in the chair If the patient slides forward in the wheelchair, the ReTurn can be used to help the patient to slide farther back in the chair.

ReTurn7600: Safe and active sit-to-stand and transfer – without any heavy lifting. ReTurn7600 is an easy-to-use and incredibly effective assistive device providing convenient and natural support for sit-to-stand and transfer, but it is also a rehabilitation device.

ReTurn available different models for all situations and users It also works well in special care situations, such as in an x-ray unit. The rising ladder has an opening for quick and easy hooking of ReTurnBelt; and, as with the ReTurn7400, is intended for users weighing max. 150 kg/330.